Behind the Iron Curtain – the manuscript

What follows is the transcript of the  manuscript which bears George Manu’s signature. As already mentioned, it was written by him in English. In today’s post – the Preface.

Testis Dacicus


Rumania under Russian occupation


The present study intends to describe objectively the manner in which a small nation is systematically being destroyed by a Great Power.

It intends to inform any unprejudiced person but especially the leaders of the two Western Powers, the United States and the British Empire. The latter have willingly assumed precise obligations by the Atlantic Charter which has now become the Charter of the United Nations. Thus the nations threatened by foreign invasion and subjugation have been allowed to hope for a better future. It would be a pity if these hopes were deceived.

The author has no political responsibilities and consequently is not compelled to treat anybody or anything with caution. The facts speak clearly enough for themselves and reality is presented unconcealed by diplomatic circumlocutions.

The author quotes his sources of information as often as it seems possible without compromising them. He expresses his gratitude to all those who have assisted and informed him and whom he cannot nominally quote without exposing them to severe retaliation.


March 20th 1947                                                                The Author

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