Pine Trees Break, They Do Not Bend – an introduction


We are starting today a series of posts that are the English version of extracts from the book that Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu dedicated to the memory of those who fought in the national resistance movement in Făgăraş mountains.

An excerpt from the author’s foreword gives the reader an idea about the book:

“I wrote these lines to honour the memory of those who fought and died during those years, 1948 – 1957, in the armed anti-communist resistance in Făgăraş, and who have no grave, no cross.

I wanted to testify that people on this piece of land did not bow voluntarily their heads in front of communism. Let it be known that the stains of treason and cowardice on our country’s image were washed away by their blood. Our children and grandchildren need not to be ashamed to call themselves Romanians.

Every event in this book is a historic testimony. More than 40 years have elapsed from these events and I have most certainly forgotten some details. Then, there were some actions in which I was not directly involved, so I never knew the details of their unfolding. Those who led them took the secret to their grave.”

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