Call of the Nation

Today we celebrate Romania’s national day. This post is a translation of a text written by Professor George Manu. It is a description of the national resistance movement that he intended to organize before being arrested, in 1948.

Call of the Nation (C.N.)

General Guidelines


C.N. is a movement of resistance and fight against the Russian invasion, an endeavour dedicated to the spiritual and administrative recovery of the Romanian nation.

It is obvious that the Romanian people cannot escape the Russian yoke unless it gets help from foreign powers who are strong enough to defeat the Russian power. It is equally true that passively waiting for others to rescue us and not taking part to the fight would not bring honour to our nation. The Romanian nation has to prove capable of mastering its destiny and its land and will therefore need to get directly and actively involved in the fight for liberation from the rule of Russians and of their communist henchmen.

Should a war start between Russia and western countries, these henchmen would certainly drag Romania into the conflict alongside the occupation powers and against the western powers who are today the only ones capable of contributing to the liberation of the Romanian people. If it deserves the dignity to live, the people will have to affirm out loud, from the very first day, that the adventurers whom Russia has unilaterally installed as “Romanian government” are nothing but a crowd of aliens who are foreign to our people and country and that in the coming fight the Romanian people will stand on the opposite side. This declaration needs to be made not only by the people’s representatives who, being abroad, are safe, but also by the people itself, in its fatherland.

Similarly to the Romanian people, other people that are today under Russian occupation, such as the Bulgarians, the Yugoslavs, the Hungarians, the Czechs, the Slovaks and the Poles, will be dragged by the Soviet power’s communist henchmen into war on Soviet side. As far as it is known, these peoples hate the communist regime and, given the slightest opportunity, they shall turn the weapons against the Russians. It is self evident that the earlier and the harder a people strikes, the more it will benefit in the end. There are two invaded nations, the Romanians and the Hungarians, whom the enemies of Russia see as more trustworthy because they are not Slavs and these nations will be seen in a better light and will receive more help. To their misfortune, however, these two peoples are divided by an ancient territorial conflict referring to Ardeal. Upon the final deal, when a decision will be made referring to the land of Someș and Crișuri regions, the winner will be the nation who has turned the weapons against Russia faster and more usefully. If the Romanian nation does not want to lose once again a part of its territory, it will have to fight on its own and in due time against the eastern invader.

Should the Romanian people prove unworthy on its own, once the eastern beast defeated the western powers would look for people to govern Romania. That would be once again an opportunity for the henchmen to rush into competition, bowing and scraping, trying to get their hands on our country. Should the Romanian people not be able to prove its worth in the fight, it will simply change masters: the former henchmen will be replaced by other henchmen, still aliens, and having nothing sacred. On the contrary, should the Romanian people prove its manliness in its strenuous opposition to the invader, it would have a word to say and it will naturally be led by those who had proved their valour in the fierce fight.

These are the reasons why the resistance and the fight against the invader and its communist henchmen are today the first duty of every Romanian worth the name. Our movement emerged in response to the need to organize this fight.

But the call to arms shall not be openly launched. Given the terror started and maintained by the communist regime, the movement shall remain secret and will adopt secret ways to fulfil its mission until the time will come for it to come into light, when the great and ultimate fight would start. Until then, the first law of the movement is the law of silence.

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