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Did you fight for democracy?

This is our translation of a fragment of the third volume of Pine Trees Break, They Do Not Bend written by Ion Gavrilă.

After the establishment of the “Fighters in the Anticommunist Resistance” Foundation, several newspapers published editorials, one of them being written by Mircea Iorgulescu.

He repeated the insinuations advanced in previous articles and concluded rhetorically with a seemingly puzzling question: “Did the people in the Armed Anticommunist Resistance fight for democracy?”

I bitterly looked at this stupid question, and memories of those times came to my mind: Our country was under Soviet occupation and our army, under the command of generals such as Emil Bodnăraș and Walter Roman, marched singing in the streets: “Oh, Moscow, my country” and “Kremlin walls shining in the morning light”. SovRoms[1] dominated economy, culture and even the church hierarchy, cowardice and treason plagued more and more people. All the scoundrels, do-nothings, cowards and traitors rivaled each other in praising the communist regime and Generalissimo Stalin, and the textbooks (including the literature ones translated from Russian), Roller wrote the history of our country, Ana Pauker, Teoharie Georgescu, Vasile Luca led the country, Securitate, under the leadership of people similar to the abovementioned, killed people in the middle of the road, arrested and deported people at its will. We lived in fear of being arrested, either at work or at home, we feared betrayal by our own family and were not sure we had a country anymore.

How can this journalist imagine that under those circumstances we, who had given up everything, including our lives, would pause to think how Romania would look like when the communist regime would be over? How stupid can someone be to imagine that among our concerns were, at those times, privatization methods such as MEBO (Management and Employee Buyout) or selling factories for nothing to adventurers from all over the world or votes of no confidence in the parliament? Still, what this fake democrat, puppet journalist does not know is that we fought for democracy. All the armed or unarmed resistance groups were monarchists. And so were all the Romanians back then.

We had no hope that we would live to see the day of victory, but in no way we could have conceived that Romania, once liberated from the yoke of communism, would not resume the factual state of December 1947, when our constitution in force was the one dating back from 1923. And that constitution was more democratic than the surrogate that former communists and their offspring have hastily concocted for personal use.

[1] SovRom: Romanian-Soviet joint ventures established after WWII in Romania under Soviet occupation. Their role was to exploit Romanian resources to the benefit of the Soviet Union.