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Dehumanization – then and now

While for many people communism is a matter of the past, the dehumanization experiment continues. These days, instead of torture other more subtle means are employed to reduce the human being to the condition of a mere object. Pleasure replaces pain as conditioning instrument. The experiment proves to be successful. Sheeple are obsessed with feeling good. And they call it happiness.

The following is an excerpt of Dumitru Bacu’s book The Anti-Humans. Student Re-education in Romanian Prisons. The original Romanian manuscript was published in 1963 under the title Pitești, Centru de Reeducare Studențească.

“The Communists apply to human beings the well-known principle of conditioned reflexes that explains much of the behaviour of animals.

These reflexes, which are the basis of Socialist medical science and psychology, are often called “Pavlovian reflexes” after the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, who was the first to conduct systematic experiments, chiefly on dogs, to determine the exact nature of this neurophysiological reaction. Actually, however, the phenomenon that Pavlov investigated was well known for centuries and extensively used in practice to train animals. The most famous of Pavlov’s experiments was performed by giving a dog a chunk of meat at the ringing of a bell. After this has been done several times, the dog’s reflexes are so conditioned that the animal will salivate abundantly when it hears the bell although he has no meat before him. For many centuries before Pavlov, however, conditioned reflexes were used; for example, by gypsies to produce dancing bears. A small bear cub is walked over a sheet of metal under which there is a slow burning fire. As the sheet metal becomes warm, the soles of the little bear’s feet begin to pain him and he lifts one foot after another, shifting his weight alternately to cool the soles of his feet. While he is doing this, drums are beaten. After this training has been repeated several times, the neurological association between the sound of the drums and the movement of the feet is established, and ever thereafter, the bear, although full grown, will begin to “dance” whenever he hears the beating of the drums. Such, reduced to its simplest terms, is the procedure for producing conditioned reflexes in irrational animals.

When the Communists apply this technique to their human subjects, they must first reduce their victims to the condition of animals.

When one destroys in man the moral and intellectual foundation of his being, his consciousness of personal identity and superiority, and thus deprives him of control over his own faculties by reason and will, man ceases to be a superior being. There is no longer any difference between man and animal. He will submit, as do animals, to biological impulses.”